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Work from home
Basic Internet knowledge is enough, #workfromhome in your own space time.

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  Work from home

Few benefits of working from home

Better Flexibility - With the work discipline you are free to determine your own work hours | • Save Money - you save on many hidden costs associated with going to work like: business traveling, formal offices dresses etc. | • More Time - If your mornings are too busy, you are free work at night.More to know

One of the biggest advantage of working from home is setting and more importantly work in the framework that suits you best.

Take a look at the top 4 work from home tips to increase productivity and maintain work-life balance.

Create work and home boundaries
It is extremely important to distinguish between these two to be productive as we tend to mix up while working remotely.

Create or Choose a dedicated work space
Just like office create a dedicated workspace for yourself and not laze around in your bed with your computer.

Create a To-Do List and Keep a track of it
Listing put the tasks helps one keep a track of things to do.

Communicate clearly and effectively
Communication is the only key to keep you say in a virtual environment so don't shy away. Keep points clearly.

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