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Like other goods and services, the costs associated with designing, developing, and building a website have changed over time. small business that wanted a professional website with approximately 15 pages,

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Responsive design

Responsive design is now a necessity for web design. Responsive design means that a website functions on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. With 232 possible screen sizes.

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Promote your services with high-quality photo gallery, all in a fantastic website that looks great on every device.
so necessity of having a website with responsive design is one reason for the widening gap between the highest and lowest possible costs for a website. Be found Rank high on search engines, Google \ Yahoo \ Bing..

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Choose from 40 professionally designed templates, from predesigned website builder sections to create your own unique webstore.

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Whether you are an SME or an Individual Entrepreneur, you have all the features that help you create your online store and make your business grow.



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Instantly connect your store to marketplaces and and share on social media adopt auto notificaion tool & tell to customer, the moment you make changes


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO services typically include multiple ongoing methods and tactics. For example, SEO packages include optimization of website copy, keyword research, targeted outreach, link building, content creation, and more.

Do you need an SEO?
You could think of searching the web as looking in a very large book with an impressive index telling you exactly where everything is located.
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When you sit down at your computer and do a Google search, you're almost instantly presented with a list of results from all over the web. How does Google/ Yahoo / Bing find web pages matching your query, and determine the order of search results ? More ..
by support of SEO - internet marketing Be found Rank high on search engines


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Hosting server location matter

The location of your website’s server directly affects the speed of your website.

What is Web Hosting?
Hosting in India is a basically renting of server space and bandwidth so that you can maintain your files for your websites.
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- 40% of the visitors will abandon your website after 3 seconds. we ensure you India’s largest Hosting provider. Trusted by 80,000 hosting customers and 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.


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websites at the same time ...

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Develop an Internet site for Client. Create a clean, organized, and professional looking site. Develop a consistent theme with the use of the company logo, colors, heading and footers, and buttons

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