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With Over 3lac viewers and growing day on day and the most exclusive & effective program and get benefit .Here people can get the information about life style fashion health and lots more ..

Add you a blogs / articles/ content with your own profession writing skill to become an author

A. HOW it works

Benefit of program, paid Rs 89/- per 1200 view for the first 30 days after the create your blog. Views track by the server, so earn as much as your ponential allow you. Workk directly with our team for blogs and celebrity blogs(celebrity gallery, updation - under Gallery heading).

B. Requirment

So Application must be accepted by our team for 2 kind of blogs :

1.Must write a minimum of 4 Article per month

2. Must have the images related to the article atleast 1. and minimum wording per article is 500 - 800 words

3. Ability to write treanding informative articles that will attract viewers, be a skilled writer who can cover shocking news, topics, entertainment, knowledge notes in list format/

3. For clelebrity gallery minimum 4 images related to news and 60 - 80 words.

Correct content blogs and effective news can give you the good response , and we monitor your stats day on day. With this membership you can also get an others benefits ....

Content on neteyes that it is a publication that contains GAY, LESBIAN, BI-SEXUAL, and HOMOSEXUAL content of an explicit nature, including, editorials, articles, advertising, pictures, drawings, illustrations, commentary and other such materials, are not allowed.


mail us at sales@neteyes.in

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