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Be found rank high on search engines...

How does Google/ Yahoo / Bing find web pages matching your query, and determine the order of search results ? 'SEO'

Searching the web as looking in a very large book with an impressive index telling you exactly where everything is located. We DO On-page optimizations, quality link-building, social bookmarking, directory submissions, and relevant content.

SEO 'neteyes'

Top-Rated SEO Services

SEO stands for Search engine Optimization, It is process of getting Traffic from the Free, Organic, Editorial, or Natural Search results on from search engines. All Major search engines such as yahoo, bing, google have primary search results, Where web page and other Content or local listing are shown on ranked based
We focus on earning higher ranks (Position) that will stand like a solid ball

How we grow traffic & improve rankings.

Content Creation
Create, curate, and promote fresh content.

On-Page SEO
Optimize page titles, meta tags, images, etc.

Off-Page SEO
Credible link-building, content distribution, etc.

Site-Speed & Structure
Improve load times, optimize URLS, etc.   ___  


Here are some of our SEO results over the past 5+ years, as We Make SEO Simple, Fast and Easy

Page 1 Rankings
We’ve helped clients rank over target keywords on the 1st page of Google.

Performance Based
We offer a variety of services to help meet all of your online mkt. needs.

It’s never too late to start optimizing your site, business for higher rank.

Invest in our top-rated website and SEO services and you’ll see a long-term return on your investment for years to come.

• Affordable Rates   • Easy Keyword Research   • A Focus on Local

• Our pricing is dynamic and thus competitive for small and mid-size business owners.   • Finding the best keywords to target for your business is easy.   • We’ve seen the power of local visibility first-hand, and know how to get results.


'Services we offered'

º SEO , Search engine optimization 
º Custom Solutions
º Digital Marketing

º Maps Optimization
º Blog Management
º SMO, Social Media Marketing

º Website Design
º Website Maintenance
º Business Listing / Brand Promotion

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4 standard types of SEO pricing...

SEO prices can vary quite a bit, depending upon a number of factors. ? Bellow is the Ans

Even equipped with that baseline knowledge, you may still be left wondering which type of SEO will be best for your particular business. NOTE : Paying an SEO expert by the hour means they could end up punching the clock rather than staying focused on results.

SEO 'neteyes'

How Much Does SEO Cost ?

There are 4 standard types of SEO pricing. Each has Advantage and Disadvantage, so let’s learn more about your options.


The cost of an SEO project depends upon project scope. Expect Rs.50,000 – Rs.300,000.


Pay-for-performance SEO features dynamic and affordable pricing.

Monthly Retainers

Monthly SEO retainers are often tailored to client needs. Expect to budget between Rs.10,000 – Rs.25,000.

Hourly Rates

The average SEO agency will charge rates of roughly Rs.1000 – Rs.2500 per hour.


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Getting started with SEO Let’s See Some Plus and Minus.

1.How Much Do SEO Projects Cost ? project-based SEO services are the most popular pricing model you’ll find amongst SEO companies. Despite it’s relative popularity, there’s a huge range of potential prices, primarily because the cost will be dependent upon the scope of your needs.

One Lump Sum

Do need to worry about hourly costs racking up, or ending up on the hook for more than you’d planned to spend.

Clear Project Scope

With project-based pricing you’ll likely agree upon a contract that clearly describes exactly what you’ll get, and when it will be delivered.

Easy to Be Overcharged

If you don’t have any prior experience working with SEO companies you could easily end up being overcharged.

Poor Flexibility

Project-based pricing normally comes with a contract that outlines all deliverables and due dates. If your needs change or to pivot campaign, you will likely incur additional fees.

Websites with Specific Needs

If you have a strong grasp of your SEO requirements and only need specific & temporary help, consider project-based pricing.
For instance, if a business already has in-house specialists that just need help supplementing link-building efforts for an upcoming PR opportunity, SEO project pricing could provide the best value.

2.How Much Does Performance-Based SEO Cost ? Performance-Based SEO services are the simply aren’t many performance-based SEO options available to small business owners. It’s best summarized by us “if you don’t rank, you don’t pay” guarantee, though it places a heavy burden on the agency to produce measurable results.

If You Don’t position, You Don’t Pay

With performance-based SEO pricing, clients only pay if their position improve. This minimizes risk exposure for clients.

Up-Front Pricing

Reputable pay for performance SEO companies will provide upfront pricing, outlining rates if/when results are proven.

Not All Keywords Accepted

Some keywords will simply be too competitive for a performance SEO company to accept and invest in.

Variable Monthly Spend

Since position fluctuate daily, it’s impossible to predict exactly what your position will look like each month. That translates to a variable monthly rate.

Small/Local Busines Owners

This package is ideal for smaller and/or local businesses that lack the resources or potential upside to invest in a retainer.

Ecommerce Websites

Performance SEO offers eCommerce store owners much needed flexibility to target specific products and product categories for better organic visibility.

Get details about our Ecomm Functionality website for shopping products

3.How Much Do Monthly SEO Retainers Cost ? Monthly SEO services favor long term partnerships over one off projects. Most companies choose this option when they need to outsource SEO completely. For many businesses, this is one of the most promising ways to build meaningful results through search engine optimization (SEO). Learn more about our custom digital Advetising.

Set It & Forget It

A monthly SEO retainer means you’ll have an agency or company managing your campaign from end-to-end.

Stronger Relationship

Working together in an ongoing capacity will usually lead to better communication, a stronger partnership, and improved trust.


Possible Feature Bloat

Some agencies will include services that aren’t necessary for your business. But if they’re included, you’ll be stuck paying for them every month.

Long-Term Commitment

Monthly retainers will usually expect at least a 6-month commitment. While this is standard, it does mean you could be stuck if you’re not happy with results.

Complete Outsourcing

This SEO pricing package is ideal if you are commited to investing in SEO long term, and want to completely outsource all aspects of your search campaigns.

Integrated Teams

If your team is looking for a close collaboration with an SEO company that can integrate with their other departments, this is really the only appropriate choice.

4.How Much Do Hourly SEO Rates ? At face value hourly SEO services may seem like a worthwhile investment.After all, you know exactly what you’re going to pay for. Whatever hourly rate you negotiated or accepted before work commenced, is what you’ll pay. Depending on how many hours were worked, you can accurately estimate what your bill will look like.
The catch is that often SEO projects can take longer than expected. Further, if you’re buying the services of a respectable SEO expert, the rates can get pretty high.
Predictable Costs Having a set hourly rate allows you to budget accordingly and very directly control how much you are spending.   
Not Results Oriented Paying an SEO expert by the hour means they could end up punching the clock rather than staying focused on results.
Very Small Websites If you own a very small and content-thin website, hiring an SEO company for a few hours will usually be best. Anything more than that will often be ROI-negative.

Why is it hard to estimate SEO costs ?

When you ask the question “how much does search engine optimization cost”, the last answer you want to hear is “it depends.”

But the truth is, SEO prices can vary quite a bit, depending upon a number of factors
You’ve probably already realized there are way too many choices. Too many pricing models, too many agencies, too many price points.

In fact, according to some thorough research, you could end up paying less than Rs2500 an hour… or over Rs25,000 a month !
But a price range that wide doesn’t help anyone. So let’s take a closer look at some numbers with advantage and disadvantage. Learn more about our digital advetising programs.

  Our search engine optimization service can help !

Your website’s domain name is the unique name that appears in the URL for your website. It’s kind of like your online fingerprint. Your domain name is important because it creates an online identity for your website. you have to register it annually.
Hosting is simply the service that allows your website to be accessed by other Internet users. A web host will provide space on its server for your website.
Hosting is equally important because the quality of your host can affect page loading time.
In reality, website design includes more abstract elements such as usability, ergonomics, layout traditions, user habits, navigation logic and other things that simplify the using of websites and help to find information faster.

Website design can heavily impact web page price. Obviously, a zero budget style of design will not look as good, colour combination, images looks, and a world-class design will certainly be eye-catching.
A content management system (CMS) is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content. CMSes are typically used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM).

A CMS will allow you or your employees to edit information on your website without having to edit any of the code

Give your customer peace of mind make your site secure with a SSL certificate. If you have an online store or accept online orders and credit cards.

you have to comply with privacy and security requirements. your business partners login in to confidential infomation on an extranet. you process sensitive data such as : Address, Birthdate, Phone numbers. You value privacy and expect others to trust you.


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