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Working from home in the Covid crisis ? Don't forget to claim tax relief, if you were told by your employer to work from home, either full or part time
If you are one of the millions of people who has been working at home over the last 12 months because of Covid - either full or part-time have you claimed tax relief that you are due?
Last October, HMRC launched an online portal offering employees a hassle-free way to claim the relief, without the need to provide receipts or to make complicated calculations.
For workers who don't fill in a self-assessment tax return each year, the online claim page will take you to Government Gateway where you will be asked for the date you started working from home. It automatically calculates what you are owed for those who worked at home since March 2020. It is paid via an altering of your tax code. It takes five minutes to claim, assuming you are registered for Government Gateway. Those who complete a tax return each year should claim it then.
"This story has been published from a theguardian - webpage'

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So, switching from a structured office environment to the comfort of your own home can be challenging in surprising ways. let's take a look at the top 4 work from home tips to increase productivity and maintain work-life balance.
Create work and home boundaries
It is extremely important to distinguish between these two to be productive as we tend to mix up while working remotely.
Create or Choose a dedicated work space
Just like office create a dedicated workspace for yourself and not laze around in your bed with your computer.
Create a To-Do List and Keep a track of it
Listing put the tasks helps one keep a track of things to do.
Communicate clearly and effectively
Communication is the only key to keep you say in a virtual environment so don't shy away. Keep points clearly.

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#WorkFromHome neteyes.in
More Than 50% Employees Will Quit If Work From Home Flexibility Is Removed
In this survey, about 48% respondents wanted a hybrid work model. They wanted the flexibility to spend some of the workweek in the office and some of it working from home. Furthermore, almost half of the respondents said that they would rather look for another job, if their employer doesn't offer a hybrid workplace.
The survey also highlighted that about 66% respondents are worried about returning to work, while as high as 82% employees of color are scared of returning to the office.
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#WorkFromHome neteyes.in
To The New announces permanent work from home option for its employees
Digital technology company To The New has announced a permanent #workfromhome option for its employees, internally referred to as the 'Newers'. The decision came as a result of the company's successful work from home run during the lockdown, without any impact on business continuity and client deliveries.
Satya Sharma, the company's Co-founder & CHRO said we made a decision to give our people the option to #WFH work from anywhere to enable them to stay in their hometowns, closer to their loved ones.
"This story has been published from a Economic times - Tech'


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