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Expand business online and grow globally

We are a technology company that can make everyone an online ...

Why neteyes ?

neteyes efforts are made to educate and provide education about small information related to new innovation and technology.

The world is changing very fast along with technology. At the same time, the number of users using smart phones, lap tops is increasing and new difficulties related to those innovations are also increasing. Here efforts are made to educate them from these difficulties and at the same time to provide education about small information related to it. Also we provide the online promotion, brand association, Digital marketing, e-comm webdevelopment, SEO.

@neteyesdotin | Provide solution of problems arising due to lack of understanding of technology or smart devices

We as Consultancy help clients create positive change in their organisations by sourcing and securing the right people. We help also candidates create positive change in their careers, their lives, and the lives of their families.

Showcase your business passion or portfolio when people search for you

Seller can provide the online info or products that having the Offers / Discount / a Percentage (%) Off etc. because discounts can get purchaser, and purchaser mean new opportunities for cross and up sells, meaning more revenue in the long run as well.

Any point of time, you tell the customer that we have discount/ offer, no matter how small, you will grab customer's attention, so Boost the audience by offer and increase traffic. and to make an impact on potential customers who are planning their purchases.

There are a hundred and one ways you can use sales, offers, discount and deals to drive customer acquisition and conversions. Let's take a look at some of the most popular

What We Offer

• Link with up our #WFH community and gear your business from remotely working professionals, or you can join our buy and sell #shopiworld community.
• ADD your Business listing / info or Increase your business presence online, Business public page on neteyes

+ Add products

Setting up your products correctly can be crucial to the success of your ministore≡. A correct product setup can mean a increase speedier sales process, accurate & easyway to get new visitors.

Business promotion

An effective social strategy Engage with your customers from your phone, tablet or computer' Take charge of what people see when they search for your business, products, services ...


I own a business

If you have the showroom, MBOs, or Beauty and spa, Cafe or Restaurant, Gym or fitness centre, local business at commercial market and also a offer or discount on all articles or on selected article

Business Listing/ public page - a complete info, business profile, operational hour, contact | + ADD Branding for business point - attached logo and write content regarding offer. | Create instant Offer/ Discount - directly thousand of your customer.

I am Visitor

People prefer buying things on sale, discounts, Offer are those magic words which increase thrill, passion and creare curiosity in our mind about brand and Product, so here Member or Visitor can get all the benifit, Grab offers.

With Over 3lac viewers and growing day on day and the most exclusive & effective program and get benefit. Here people can get the information about life style fashion health, latest Offer, Discount at near places and lots more ..

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