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ADD your Business listing / Business Public Page on neteyes, info or Increase your business presence online at Just Zero cost / Free*

On neteyes, you can create your business listing to get access to features to help Increase business presence online and Boost the audience by offer and increase traffic to business points

To switch your profile to a business account:

1. Login to your Mem profile and tap
2. Tap Settings
3. Click on the link 'Add Business Profile / Mini Store≡'
4. Now here you can Add details such as your business profile (ADD your Business info Zero cost / Free) under heading This is about, category and City located.
We recommend that you connect your business account to a neteyes page that is associated with your business. This will make it easier to use all of the features available for businesses. i.e Contact address, Contact Phone number, Business hours, Offers, Products, Services. be connected to your business account. These tools can help you better understand who is engaging with your business.

+ Add Your Offer Free on neteyes

If you have the showroom, MBOs, or Beauty and spa, Cafe or Restaurant, Gym or fitness centre, local business at commercial market and also a offer or discount on all articles or on selected articles, so you can follow the 3 Simple Instruction bellow.

1. Add/ Create your own Mini Store Page and login.
2. At Change to ⇒ Info ›› 'Edit' : @URLname
3. + ADD under at Home page, click on the link icon ADD Branding, attached logo and write content regarding offer.

Now you can review your offer at  vue icon vue or Link (as shown on the Offers page)

  Go to Login Page   OR     Business Listing

Offers related info display/ encourage by us Just in Zero Cost.

So Here We are also inviting the local business owner, local merchant who can promote his business or products Offer with us, those who have the wardrobe products or things fit in to the wardrobe, can join and provide products directly or through us. This can be also your " Product Visitig Card " and at the same time they can buy online or shop online COD ( Cash on Dilivery).

Correct Products Setups a speedier sales

Setting up your products correctly can be crucial to the success of your store. A correct product setup can mean a speedier sales proccess, more accurate reporting and easy to reach ppls.

This part to be continue...

Add product  icon
Give Your Own Branded Shop or Mini Store≡


"A Shop with your brand name, Logo, URL, Sell Online and share on social media ...or increase business presence online "

Get Your Own Branded Store or Mini Store≡

Give Your Brand / Product an exclusive online presence by creating a store A product in neteyes is made up of a number of different fields. When creating a product you must have a Product name,  Price(MRP) , Offer & Offer for (Men, Women, Kid, or All), Offer End(may be later on). Even though it's not required, it's highly recommended that you also include a supply price (after MRP-Discount),  so that your average cost and cost of goods sold are correct going forward. A Shop with your brand name, Logo, URL and more...

Another great thing to do when setting up your products is to add a friendly,  product image . setting up your products with customer facing names, descriptions and images will save you a lot of time. When you enable with us, your products from your neteyes store will be pulled across and displayed online. Just in Zero Cost.

Sell Online and share on social media

If these products have already been setup with customer facing details you will not have to redo them again, Share Your products on Social media in just one click, and sell online through us when they come through to direct query or reach by Showroom Located and from ecommerce (intoducing Soon).

More Advantages or Features

Be it from any Seven Categoriesor of any amount we charge flat 7.5% commision on every order (if diliver through us)

For every sucessful order, neteyes transfer your payment directly in you wallet a/c.

Promote your brand by offering Offers, Discount ...Discounts can get you new customers.And new customers mean new opportunities.

Upload your products image , its very easy step 1 , 2 , 3 from mobile or PC.

Instant Product listing as you clicked on Add Products button STEP3.


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Discounts/ offers are not only a way to acquire new customers, they’re also a way to show your gratitude to your existing customers.

Local awareness ads help you to promote your business in your local area and online or digital market, Digital market is growing much faster then any market. Different businesses have different goals when it comes to what they want out of their digital marketing activity. For most e-commerce businesses it is visitors, conversions and sales. With a little bit of patience and effort, you will not only be able to generate sales, but also build a brand experience that people can identify with.

Business Listing ADD Branding Offer Icon
Business Listing/ public page - a complete info, business profile, operational hour, contact | + ADD Branding for business point - attached logo and write content regarding offer. | Create instant Offer/ Discount - directly thousand of your customer.

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